What Else Was Discovered During and After the Fiefdom Treatise

Research Project and is Now Ready to Be Exposed  

Part I 

© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor    


From March 2004 until mid-spring 2007 the research was in full swing, looking for that which was concealed behind two claims of litigation confidentiality in the Federal Court lawsuit.  Then when completed the investigation continued because as the edification initiative and triggering all the accountability mechanisms delivered powerful corroboration of the project’s findings.  And during that time and up to the present even more evidence was collected; producing indisputable proof of Chinese joint sovereignty, economy monopolization and wealth embezzlement on a massive and historic scale.     



It wouldn’t be until mid-winter 2007 that enough of the non-transparent constituent of Canadian governance and the economy was understood enough to figure out all the rest of the institutional dysfunctionalities that plague the country.  For example, from early February until late March of that year Hansard records federally and provincially were examined in meticulous detail to figure out why living in one of the wealthiest nations on Earth many of our proud aboriginals languished in Third World conditions.  The conclusions why fit hand-in-glove into the overall perception that the country’s political and corporate elite and Chinese were clinically addicted to power and wealth; hoarding and embezzling in such enormous amounts as to make the country cash poor.   And also during this lengthy journey to the core of what made Canada’s public and private sectors tick – how the Ottawa-Toronto-Montreal-(Beijing) triangle operated – many observations were made that could only be understood when the full picture emerged.  This chapter compiles one of the more bizarre discoveries.  



It emerged from appreciating that government’s employment and appointment culture wasn’t elevating the smart, knowledgeable and experienced.   Two centuries of trans-generational nepotism and patronage were delivering the exact opposite – leading to the finding that over the generations the elite were intellectually stunted and morally feral.  They may appear mature, aware and beneficent.  But that’s a completely false perception.  Operators of the triangle of power and wealth elevated and surrounded themselves in many instances with those who by virtue of their educational credentials and work experiences had absolutely no idea how to govern in the departments to which they were assigned.  No better example of this is Wayne Easter and his predecessor – Jean Chretién’s Solicitors General:


What Do Former Solicitor General Wayne Easter, Senator Vivienne Poy and

Others in High Office Have in Commmon with the Trailer Park Boys?


© 2008 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor


Another critical perspective on Canada’s paradigm of governance emerged during the Fiefdom treatise research project that’s worth sharing with those innocent of complicity or loyalty to trans-generational corruption and China’s Canada agenda.  Three ways to monopolize and maintain political power are (i) keep as much of the citizenry as uneducated as possible, (ii) elevate the unintelligent, inexperienced and incompetent to high political office and (iii) institutionalize stultification*.  


* See Stultification Within the Legal Profession, Administration of Justice and Government That Perpetuates the Last Democratic Fiefdom



The research tracked and evaluated how politicians of every ideological stripe, judges, attorneys general, police internal affairs, law societies and civilian watch dogs reviewed and assessed the allegations of trans-generational corruption (in all its manifestations), Chinese joint sovereignty and everything else in the Fiefdom indictment.  It is an undeniable fact that in the most important forums of democracy – governance and accountability – the criterion for major appointments is either a lack of education, intelligence and specialization or devious stultification. 


The thesis is demonstrable by several examples.  One case in point is former Solicitor General Wayne Easter; who lists his occupation as a PEI farmer on the parliamentary website.    While his education and a lot of his political experience were legitimately built upon that set of rural skills and talents, PM Chrétien elevating him to the role of Solicitor General – managing and overseeing Canada’s entire security apparatus and prison system – cannot but be viewed as staffing a most critical cabinet post with incompetence of the highest order.  


Mr. Easter holds a diploma from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and was granted a certificate from the Canadian International Grains Institute in 1973. He received an Honorary Doctorate of Law degree from UPEI in 1988 for his work and contribution to agriculture. He had extensive experience related to many bilateral issues affecting Canada-US relations, was National President and CEO of the National Farmers Union for 11 years and was an advisor to the Trudeau administration for the federal export agency, Conagrex. In addition, he was an advisor and panelist for the Tri-national Exchange on Agriculture, the environment and Free Trade Agreements with Canada, the United States and Mexico and served as panelist to a Congressional briefing on NAFTA in Washington in March 1993. He previously served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. (Source:


If you want corroboration on this criterion for that post, consider what his predecessor’s qualifications were: 

Mr. MacAulay’s cabinet appointments have included Solicitor General. […] [He] was previously a [PEI] farmer. 




That’s right: two farmers from Canada’s smallest province in a row.  From November 1998 until October 2002 this other PEI farmer ran the RCMP, CSIS (which is supposed to protect us from a plethora of evils and threats in the world) and the entire prison system from coast to coast to coast.  And what did all of Easter and MacAulay’s lack of smarts help produce: all that systemic corruption in the spring 2007 RCMP pension scandal. 


Now consider the following – yet another Solicitor General with the same qualifications:


British Columbia: Solicitor General Dairy Farmer John Les interview by Barry Artiste

October 29, 2007


John Les our "Out to Lunch" Solicitor General whose previous non police or justice experience I featured in my Now Public story dated May 12, 2007 titled "Before they were BC's Political Stars" John Les our Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General was a partner in dairy operation… 



Proving how a complete absence of education and intelligence is coveted by the rich and powerful to maintain political power and perpetuate their stranglehold on the economy, is also observed in the outrageous example of Senator Vivienne Poy*.  Having nothing more than a fashion diploma, her resumé was manufactured to make her look like a politico-academic celebrity of the first rank.   

*  See the evidence in The Evidence Speaks for Itself: Part III  


The analysis does not seek to denigrate all parliamentarians, MLAs, mayors and city councillors who are farmers, restaurateurs, entertainers, realtors and the like.  They provide valuable contributions to the formulation of policy because they uphold the principles, values and beliefs of tens of millions of Canadians: integrity in and honest government, political transparency, the rule of law, full accountability, equal justice, human rights, a multicultural society and an equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity.   


But it is a legitimate question to ask why are some are given critical roles in government when their education, pre-election and political experiences and expertise fall so profoundly short of what is expected and needed.  By analogy, would you ask a non-lawyer to defend you in a murder trial; or trust someone other than a seasoned surgeon with a proven multi-decade track record to conduct a cardiac triple by-pass operation? 


How does all this incompetence relate to the ‘Trailer Park Boys’?  Consider the following: 


Boys dopey, lovable

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie a release worthy of high marks

by Bruce Kirkland

Winnipeg Sun

February 20, 2007 


They swear, they drink, they toke, they smoke, they steal and they wreak bloody good havoc Way Down East. Yet people of all ages just adore the Trailer Park Boys. They are Canadian cultural icons.

So I suggest to Robb Wells, the writer and lead actor who plays habitual jailbird Ricky, that the Boys are "lovable scoundrels" who have crossed over into the mainstream in this crazy country of ours. 




Trailer Park Boys is pure Canadiana, Wells says. "It's definitely true to Canada as far as humour goes." But he confesses that, despite the appeal of the show nationally, it goes down best in the Atlantic provinces. 


"Definitely Down East people seem to appreciate it more, get a little more out of it. There are definitely a lot of characters similar to (us) Down East, for sure. There are a lot of characters based on people living here."  


In short, there are a lot of lovable scoundrels -- and all of Canada is laughing.


[emphasis added]  



The operative part of the news item is the description of them as “Canadian cultural icons”.  Is this how Canadians generally view themselves – or is it how the rich, powerful and Chinese want members of the public to see themselves as; what is intrinsically valuable and should be aspired to: being a bunch of moronic idiots and petty criminals?  This is subtle self-identity formation and deviant personality reinforcement at its most treacherous. 


The media exaltation of this trio of ‘dummy down’ comediennes is part of a wider, more sophisticated initiative to significantly impair high aspirations and thus seeks to decrease the intelligence level of the country’s citizenry by promoting the attractiveness of stupidity and being predisposed to malfeasance.  



The only ones laughing are those at the trough of Canada’s vast wealth; having taken full advantage of inept, incompetent and immoral people to run critical departments of government, the security apparatus and the administration of justice.  



What is of serious concern to the international community is the Chinese leadership exporting, aggressively proliferating, the stupid-stultification methodology of governance to other countries; seeking to dummy down as much of humanity as possible so its totalitarian political and corporate cultures can take root, thus insidiously replacing mature, rational and compassionate democratic and capitalist institutions.  



The Chinese have concluded after witnessing the widespread institutionalization of corruption and criminality in Canada and the dummying-down of the public sector and organizations in the private sector ancillary to government there’s strategic value in fostering a lack of intellect – since without knowledge and intelligence the capacity for reason and law and ethics cannot exist.   This future terrifies the international community because what will emerge is nothing short of another Dark Ages – a period in which the evolution towards an even more sophisticated and enlightened civilization takes a back seat to stupidity and immorality; where knowledge, intelligence, rationality and insight are systematically and in some cases violently suppressed in favor of what happily ignorant elites embrace and foster: archaic self-serving interests, arbitrary decision-making, megalomaniac hubris and blind capriciousness.  



The late 18th century political philosopher G.W.F. Hegel carefully examined the emergence of modern government out of medievalism.  He conducted a meticulous thousand year review at a time when the royal houses of Europe were disintegrating from the fatal pressure of grassroots demands for more responsible leaders (the French Revolution, for example, being revelatory of this multi-century process and critical to his conclusions).  He determined the modern state fundamentally consists of ethical government.  In retrospect, to us he was describing the appearance of democracy, the rule of law, accountability, human rights and cultural pluralism. 



China represents a turning back the clock to medieval times and is using the non-transparent dimension of Canada as the model with which to do so in more and more countries around the world.  That’s yet another reason why the international community has made this country one of the frontlines against globally expanding totalitarianism. 





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